About Us
About Us

It was formally established in 2020,

being a non-profit organization

of exporting producers

of papaya in Mexico.

The main reason for our establishment is for the integral development of the papaya industry to position our product with quality and safety for consumers abroad.

In numbers we are:

Exporters of 10

different states of the Mexican Republic

of United States of America

3,215 hectares

sown annually

90% of the total

of Mexican papaya exports

The objectives by which our organization is governed and works are:





Integrate all Mexican papaya producer-exporters, as well as the different links in the papaya industry in order to:
Increase Product Quality
Improve Food Safety Processes In Cultivation
In addition, develop integral skills among our members to promote a profitable and competitive activity of Mexican papaya at an international level.


Position the Mexican papaya as a healthy and trustworthy product that meets the quality and safety demand and standards of international markets, through the integral development of its members through

training, innovation and promotion.


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